Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Craft Fair

This was my first time participating in a craft fair and selling my handmade items.  I was so excited and somewhat nervous.  The craft fair was extra special since my husband was the one who organized it.  He called it the Laredo's Vendor Expo and it took place at our local Embassy Suites.  I was so proud of him-I don't think I would ever be able to organize such an event.  I was stressed out just my table!!  

I was happy with the overall look of my table.  I gathered items that were already part of my craft room at home and somehow it all came together. I think my biggest fear was not selling anything, but I am thankful that I did!!  I think the best part was meeting other ladies with similar interests as mine.  Everyone was extremely nice and willing to help.  I was not able to take too many pictures of the event but I did manage to take one of my table.

I was happy and thankful to see family, friends, and coworkers enjoy the event and support handmade!!  I am already looking forward to the next fair!! 

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